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About the Joint-Stock Company

On December 1, 1941, the “Sredazshakhtoproekt” Institute was established in Tashkent by the Order of the People’s Commissar for Coal Mining Industry. The duties of the General Designer for the coal mining industry enterprises design in the territory of Central Asia and Southern Kazakhstan were assigned to it. This date is the foundation day of our Institute.

Since 1959, the Institute, by decision of the Government, began to design facilities of mechanical engineering profile, construction industry, electrical engineering and chemical industries and in 1961 it was renamed into “Uzgiprotyazhprom” – the Uzbek State Institute for the heavy industry enterprises design.

In 1995, the Institute was transformed into “Uztyazhprom” Open Joint-Stock Company, and in 2010 it was transformed into “O’zog’irsanoatloyiha” Instituti Open Joint-Stock Company. Since 04.07.2014 – it is “O’zog’irsanoatloyiha” Instituti Joint-Stock Company.

The basic principles of “O’zog’irsanoatloyiha” Instituti JSC activities are:

  • Due diligence, we perform our work conscientiously and with high quality
  • Confidentiality, in order to protect our customers’ interests, we ensure the confidentiality of the information received
  • Professional competency, it is important for us to maintain a high level of professionalism of our specialists and perfect quality of work performed.

Customers are our core value. We work with more than 200 customers, including the following:

“O’zavtosanoat” Joint-Stock Company, including:

  • Automobile plant of “General Motors O’zbekiston” JSC,
  • Enterprise for power units manufacture “GMPT-UZ” (Engine plant).
  • JV “MAN Auto-Uz” “Assembly factory of “MAN” heavy-duty trucking facilities”.
  • JV “UzAuto Trailer” LLC “Production of mounted and towed vehicles for heavy-duty trucking facilities in Samarkand region”.
  • JV “MAN Auto-Uz” “Mastering the production of cabins for “MAN” heavy-duty trucking facilities”.
  • “JV MAN AUTO-UZBEKISTAN” LLC “Dealer and service center for “MAN” heavy-duty trucking facilities servicing”.
  • JV LLC “UzSUNGWOO” LLC “Arrangement of production of pressed and welded parts for new cars of “General Motors Uzbekistan” CJSC in Ferghana”.
  • JV “UzAUTO-INZI” LLC “Arrangement of production of aluminum parts by high-precision pressure casting method”.
  • “GM-Uz” CJSC “Arrangement of production of passenger cars of the “Damas” model in Khorezm region”.
  • “UzPCA” LLC “Arrangement of production of light commercial vehicles in Uzbekistan” in “Jizzakh” FEZ.

JV “Avtosanoat CEPLA”

  • – Arrangement of polypropylene compounds production.

The State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the Defense Industry

  • “Vostok” Scientific Production Association,
  • Aircraft repair plant in Chirchik city.

“Uzbekistan Temir Yullari” JSC, including

  • Plant for the production of reinforced concrete beams and crossbars for the construction of the metro overhead road on the basis of the plant of “Yangiyer temir beton konstruksiyalari zavodi” UE in Yangier city, Syrdarya region,
  • Plant for the rolling stock base repair of rail car manufacturing and foundry production at the DP “Quyuv mexanika zavodi” Subsidiary Enterprise of “O’z temir yo’lmashtamir” UE,
  • Construction of a modern civil aviation airport complex on the basis of the Tashkent-Vostochny aerodrome

“Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combinat” JSC:

  • Reconstruction of the crushing and grinding departments of the copper concentrating mill.
  • Concentrating mill for lead-zinc ores processing on the basis of “Uch-Kulach” field,
  • Concentrating mill for poly-metallic ores processing on the basis of “Khandiza” field,
  • Involvement of cut-off grade ores in the mining at “Kalmakyr” field.

Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat, the following facilities:

  • Construction of a complex for the extraction and processing of technogenic waste of CKVZ. Processing complex.
  • Construction of a mine for the extraction and processing of gold-containing ores from Auminzo deposits of the Amantay ore field (GMZ-5).

“Uzmetkombinat” JSC:

  • Arrangement of ferrosilicium production,
  • Arrangement of ferro silicomanganese production

“Uzstroymaterialy” JSC, including

  • Cement plant in Jizzakh city,
  • Cement plant of Sherabad district of Surkhandarya region,
  • Ahangaran cement plant,
  • JV “Binokor temir-beton services” LLC.

“Tashkent mechanic plant” JSC (Aviation industry)

  • Relocation of the workshops from “A” territory to “B” territory,
  • Arrangement of dies and molds production on the machine shop basis, as well as a foundry floor,
  • Reconstruction of water pumps and valves units and assemblies on the basis of non-standard equipment shop.
  • Arrangement of a forge-and-press workshop section on the basis of “Gidrocascad-Remont”

Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, including:

  • Uzbek State World Languages University,
  • Educational building of the Samarkand branch of TUIT,
  • Inha Korean University in Tashkent city,
  • Specialized Academic Lyceum under the Branch of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NRU) named after I.M. Gubkin in Tashkent city.

Regional Khokimiyats

  • “Ferghana” Central Stadium for 20000 seats in Ferghana city,
  • Reconstruction of the stadium for 10000 seats in Jizzakh city,
  • Football and athletics core for 10000 seats with universal sports halls in Termez city.

Sugar plant of JV “Khorazm Shakar” JSC in Khorezm region

“Davlat Belgisi” State Production Association

  • Dilapidated papers destruction section,
  • Strengthening and facing of the facade and adjacent stairs of the administrative building,
  • Arrangement of product warehouse protection from transit main power cables.
  • Modernization of cotton pulp production and paper pulp preparation sections.

Social and cultural facilities

  • Center of Islamic Civilization in Tashkent city
  • Specialized boarding school named after Mirzo Ulugbek in Tashkent city

Our staff

“O’zog’irsanoatloyiha” Instituti JSC has a staff of highly qualified specialists who are competent in solving problems of any complexity. The team of “O’zog’irsanoatloyiha” Instituti JSC consists of specialists with years of experience in comprehensive design of buildings and structures of any complexity that meet modern architectural and construction requirements of the design and estimate documentation development for capital construction facilities in accordance with the received access to the work which effect the safety of capital construction facilities, including extremely dangerous and sophisticated capital construction facilities.

Our knowledge

Staff’ knowledge about the requirements for modern architectural and construction structures and the development of design and estimate documentation for capital construction facilities is constantly updated in the process of regular staff training, professional development and re-certification of specialists. We use the customer’s resources reasonably, create designs and find technical solutions that are optimal for each assigned task. Our specialists will help you reduce the expenses associated with the building’s material consumption, selection and transportation of materials, and construction work arrangement.

You can entrust us with even the most complex, non-standard projects with confidence in their successful implementation! We are able to implement the project of any facility from development (Preliminary Feasibility Study, Preliminary Technical and Economic Assessment, Feasibility Study, Technical and Economic Assessment, Detailed Design Documentation) of its concept up to commissioning. In the course of work with us, you will receive all the required expert advices and “Design Supervision” over the construction. Transition to modern management – project management in construction. For the customer, transparency in the company’s work means the control over the process of working on the project, participation in making all important decisions. The set of measures allowed to speed up the development of project documentation by 40%.

We are ready to reduce the construction time of your facility, without losing quality — due to the well-coordinated work of our team and the introduction of innovations in our design and construction activities.

We will make your property the source of your and our pride!

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