TESTING LABORATORY of construction materials and structures provides the services according to commercial contracts to enterprises and entities, regardless of the ownership, for conducting laboratory tests of construction materials and structures, including certification, according to the scope of accreditation.


Wall Materials:

  • appearance, defects in appearance, cracks, shells, chips, cavities, presence of corrugation, presence of voids. Basic parameters, shape, dimensions, deviations from straightness
  • water absorption
  • freezing resistance
  • dried mass
  • lime inclusions existence
  • compressive and flexural strength. Compressive strength in dry condition, reduction of compressive strength in water-saturated condition
  • mean density.

Concrete mixes, concrete and reinforced concrete products:

  • watertightness
  • water absorption
  • humidity
  • reinforcement tension measurement
  • freezing resistance
  • dried mass
  • geometric parameters, shape, dimensions, area, deviations from straightness, perpendicularity, deviation from a right angle, non-flatness, presence of voids
  • compressive and flexural strength
  • prismatic strength, modulus of elasticity and Poisson’s ratio
  • strength by mechanical nondestructive testing
  • strength based on samples taken from the structure
  • bricks with mortar adhesion strength
  • porosity
  • mobility, water-holding capacity, delaminatability
  • compositions selections
  • strength, stiffness, crack resistance
  • mean density
  • thickness of the protective layer, thickness of the finishing layer
  • placeability, porosity, delaminatability, mixture temperature, properties retention, volume of air involved, coating mobility
  • strength of concrete by ultrasonic method
  • effectiveness of concretes and mortars additives
  • position of reinforcement products
  • tensile strength of reinforcing steel.

Sand and crushed stone for construction work:

  • grain composition, fineness modulus
  • freezing resistance
  • humidity
  • strength (crushing capacity) determination
  • true, bulk density, voidness
  • content of crushed grains, content of weak rocks grains, content of plate (bream) and needle shaped grains, the largest grain size of gravel, grains shape
  • content of gravel, sand
  • content of powdery and clay particles, content of clay in lumps.

Construction mortars:

  • compressive and flexural strength
  • freezing resistance
  • mean density
  • mobility, water-holding capacity, delaminatability.


  • soil density, dry soil density, porosity factor
  • soil maximum density
  • humidity, liquid limit humidity, plasticity limit humidity.

Dry construction mixes:

  • compressive and flexural strength
  • compressive tag heuer strength in dry condition, reduction of compressive strength in water-saturated condition
  • humidity
  • mobility, water-holding capacity, delaminatability
  • water absorption, water absorption during capillary suction
  • grain composition
  • setting time
  • crack formation resistance
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