• Development of design estimation documentation for construction, reconstruction and technical upgrade of buildings, structures and other facilities of industrial and residential purpose (all types of activities and levels of complexity), including:

- plot plan and transportation,

- engineering solutions,

- architectural and construction solutions,

- heating, ventilation and air-conditioning,

- water supply and sewerage,

- heat and power supply,

- electricity supply equipment and electric lighting,

- gas supply and compressed air,

- communication and alarm,

- estimation,

- services on determination of physical and mechanical properties of soils, both in laboratory and on the construction site.

  • Calculation of building structures.
  • Development of Preliminary Feasibility Studies, Preliminary Techno-Economic Assessments, Feasibility Studies, Techno-Economic Assessments, Working Design for construction, reconstruction and technical upgrade of buildings, structures and other industrial and residential facilities.
  • Technical inspection, instrumental survey of buildings and structures of any purpose, residential buildings and preparation of data for development of design for reconstruction of such facilities.
  • Laboratory tests of construction materials and structures.
  • Development of design for enforcement of building structures.
  • Development of documentation for construction of main engineering networks.
  • Design of automatic firefighting equipment and fire alarm system.
  • Development of new regulatory documents in respect of industrial and civil construction and revision of existing ones.
  • Development of new intensive routine maintenance of building structures.
  • Technical support (adaptation) of investment projects prepared by the foreign design companies that do have license to operate in the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • Technical supervision during construction of industrial and residential facilities.

Development of separate section of the plot plan for facilities.


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